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Classification of finned tube heat exchangers
Mar 29, 2017

1, cast iron heat exchanger simple structure, corrosion resistance, long life, low cost, but the pressure capacity is low, metal consumption, installation and transportation is not convenient;

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2, steel heat exchanger metal consumption is small, small footprint, high pressure capacity, but easy to corrosion, short service life;

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3, aluminum, copper (steel) aluminum composite radiator are radiation type radiator, with a compact structure, advanced technology, high pressure, light weight, functional and decorative effect of uniform features, in line with the requirements of building energy efficiency.

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Generally used to install, the room decoration and health requirements can be concealed, but will affect the radiator heat release effect, which is not conducive to energy conservation. If you really need to warm the hood to beautify the room, you can move the activities of the blinds over the box cover, so that the lobes outward diagonal, is conducive to the smooth rise of hot air to improve the indoor temperature. In addition, the recent experimental results show that the radiator surface to change the traditional surface of the practice of silver paint, the use of other colors, such as light blue paint and other non-metallic paint, can improve the radiator heat transfer ratio.