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Correctly and scientifically select stainless steel tray
Mar 29, 2017

1, is to use the eyes to see, serious observation, to observe the inside and outside again and again. Look at the shape, whether the regular, with or without deformation; finally look at the bottom of the baking pan, whether flat, placed in the plains when it is smooth. The following are the same as the "

2, that is, with the ears to listen to, playing baking baking tray, the sound is crisp, sweet, if it is, to explain the delicate dense, no cracks. If the sound is dumb, not crisp, that this baking dish is not perfect, there may be cracked. The following are the same as the "

3, is for comparison, the matching baking tray, to compare the accessories, to see its shape and screen decoration is consistent. The following are the same as the "

4, is the test cover, test equipment, test. Buy things of course, to try, do not try to see the surface, go home to know the problem on the trouble, especially the selection of stainless steel baking tray to try, after all, more expensive. First of all to try to cover, and some bake with a lid, so first try to cover the cover can be, the size of the appropriate; if the baking plate is a combination of several components, the components should be assembled to see if Suitable. There are other features, but also first test to see if it is normal, meet the standard.