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Non-standard custom stainless steel baking plate is a high-quality products
Mar 29, 2017

Non-standard custom stainless steel baking plate is a high-quality products: the surface of the steel is more easy to generate a layer of dense oxide protective film, etc., thereby greatly improving the ability of stainless steel corrosion resistance. So stainless steel can resist fire, water, acid, alkali and a variety of solutions to its corrosion, no rust. Scientists have found that the more uniform the internal structure of steel, the more closely connected components, the more difficult the corrosive invasion, coupled with the surface and attached a layer of oxide protective film, like steel to wear armor, natural It is not easy to rust. Stainless steel is not easy to rust and the composition of stainless steel has a great relationship. Stainless steel in addition to the composition of iron, there are chromium, nickel, aluminum, silicon and so on. General stainless steel chromium content is generally not less than 12%, high or even up to 18%.