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Stainless steel pressed baking pan is the equipment in the oven in full bloom
Mar 29, 2017

In industrial production, baking pan is generally not used alone, are equipped in the drying box, vacuum oven and other equipment to work together.

At present, widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products and other industries baking plate, according to the use of different materials, mainly by stainless steel, aluminum and other two categories (also a small amount of iron baking plate for the outer wall enamel); According to the different shape, can be divided into non-perforated disk and perforated plate; according to the different processing methods, mainly by the manual plate and a molding press the baking tray.

In the above-mentioned baking pan, and in a molding press the baking plate is the most common, size 640 × 460 × 45mm, mainly by stainless steel or aluminum alloy through a molding method to suppress, the corner smooth, surrounded by flanging, to ensure that The cleaning thoroughly, and easy to end the advantages, which is widely used in production.

Various advantages and disadvantages of baking pan comparison:

No perforation: poor permeability, suitable for powder, liquid materials;

Punching plate: permeability in general, suitable for granular materials;

Handmade Wells: good permeability, suitable for strip, sheet material and loose material.