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Structure and working principle of finned tube heat exchanger
Mar 29, 2017

The equipment uses hot gas, steam or hot water (mainly according to the actual situation of the production site to determine, Hanfeng using condensed hot water) through the board to heat with the solid, the bottom of the main body with roof-type distribution board (angle according to the size of the material particles And the viscosity is determined to be 110 ° ~ 165 °), the center distance of the material distribution board is 400 ~ 500 mm, and the material plate length is 300 ~ 400 mm. Through the vibration motor frequency adjustment control material in the equipment retention time, so that the material at a predetermined temperature for heat transfer. The finned tube of the finned tube heat exchanger is a detachable structure between the cabinet and the lower hopper. The board pair is in the form of upper and lower layers and multi-layer structure (according to the temperature of the material to be heated and the equipment installation space), the board is 18 ~ 40 mm (according to the fineness and density of the material) Layers are spaced from 400 to 600 mm. Plate on the use of high-level welding system after filling or forming a template stamping welding molding, the form of a cross-linked form, fork in the upper and lower plate on the bracket, each board has a inlet and outlet pipes, the formation of a separate heat transfer Circulation body; plate for the fluid arc shape, solid material in the plate on both sides of the formation of resistance, and not blocking.