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Baking Pan Can Be Used In One Hand
Jul 14, 2017

Baking pan can do cake bakery skewers and so on can be. Baked the net, then the baked equipment is relatively small, but I often put a bowl into an egg and then used to bake eggs to eat very thick taste of Oh. Ha ha. Generally, if it is fermented, then put a container that will be doubled with the roasted net.

Baking pan can be used in a multi-

1, baking pan a multi-purpose. Grill Pan Do baking pan and Korean hot pot dish.

2, baking pan radioactive shallow guide groove design.

3, the opposite side of the baking tray with oil pipe, Grill Pan in the oil pipe below the vessel can easily accommodate the excess oil, very convenient.

4, baking pan heat evenly, high heat transfer efficiency.

5, after the use of baking pan, please use a scouring pad to scrub the surface of the pan, do not use metal (clean) ball scrub the surface, so as not to damage its non-stick coating.

Different materials of the baking pan has a different thermal conductivity, Grill Pan the material of the baking tray in the process of thermal conduction plays a vital role.

Often, metal baking panes are usually used, but silicone baking is also a good choice. Silicone baking pan is easy to operate and does not stick with dough. But its drawback is that the heat transfer is not good metal baking pan, so the heat caused by the finished product color so baking muffin, if the use of silicone baking pan, the cake is easy to show gray.

On the contrary, the use of metal baking pan has a good heat transfer, Grill Pan you can bake the edge of the pastry roasted into golden yellow. As the heat can be directly through the baking table acting on the pastry, near the wall of the wall can be part of the golden yellow and the formation of crisp skin.