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Baking Pan Good Performance
Jun 19, 2017

Many friends in the purchase of the oven will usually bring a baking tray, rectangular black for the majority. So the topic of the baking pan seems to be some extra The

In fact, the baking tray is best equipped with more than 2, the daily use is more convenient, especially in the production of a large number of baked goods, a / two baking pan in the baking time, but also make the next set Oh

The oven comes with a rectangular baking pan that is mainly used for stent other baking molds. Grill Pan It can also be used as a mold, the more classic is the production of cake roll.

Bake the purchase

Baking baking tray to buy, in addition to considering the price factor, the more need to pay attention:

Water is the primary consideration. The baking pan is used to hold the baked semi-finished product, and the good baking pan of the water is easier when the cake or the bread is released. Grill Pan We do not want the cake paste to stick to the edge of the baking pan,

Coating is one of the important properties of the baking pan, the coating material determines its good performance, so in the choice must be polished eyes, choose to be recognized by the public, healthy and safe coating.

Heat resistance is the characteristic that every baking appliance should have. Quickly hot baking pan is sometimes not a good thing, will make the bottom of the finished product easy to scorch, the next fire is difficult to control the temperature.

Of course, the choice of the baking tray, Grill Pan the most important to consider their inner diameter of the oven, not because the size does not cause the baking pan can not be put into the oven.

Baking pan

For non-stick coating of the baking pan, we absolutely can not use steel wire brush and other hard tools to clean.

If the pan is glued to the spices and oil, add 4 tablespoons of starch to 200ml of water, mix it into the waste pan and wait until it is completely hardened and transparent, You can easily take the oil on the baking pan.

In order to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the baking tray, to ensure that the pastry and the baking tray will not produce sticky, with oil paper / foil paper tiled to the pan, and then put the semi-finished products for baking.

When the barbecue, if the baking pan sticks the spices and oil, Grill Pan the baking pan is particularly troublesome, but do not worry, you can add 4 tablespoons of starch in 200ml of water, the two are mixed into the waste of the baking pan , Until completely hardened to transparent, gently stripped of it, you can easily take the oil on the baking pan.