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Baking Tray Durable
Sep 08, 2017

Baking tray can make cakes, bread, kebabs, seafood and so on.

The baking tray is popular with the public, it is easy to operate, demoulding is quick, and also more durable, general cake room or food factory customers are more like to use, now there is a bionic baking tray, Grill Pan this baking tray is also selected advanced superconducting heat not dip materials, Grill Pan the use of bionic principle, supersonic, ultra-high pressure spraying technology treatment of the avenue does not touch the effect layer does not fall off , let's look at his features below:

1. Using bionic principle, the lotus leaf is not stained with the biological characteristics of water pollution carefully developed

2. Rapid heat conduction. Uniform heating, Grill Pan energy saving and productivity improvement

3. Reduce the use of oil, reduce costs, reduce fat content

4. Rugged, high quality and low price

5. No toxic substances are produced under high temperature baking

6. Before adding the cake slurry must be evenly brushed oil, and timely injection cake pulp

The above is the characteristics and performance of the baking tray, not including baking tray is very popular with users, some customers think that the baking plate does not need to brush oil can also, Grill Pan this is absolutely not, all the chuck before use is to brush the oil, and baking pan after the brush oil can not be placed in the oven to bake empty.