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Electric Baking Tray With Automatic Insulation Function
Sep 20, 2017

The electric baking disc comprises a seat body, a baking tray body, the oil-water pan and the cover is characterized in that: the seat body comprises a chassis and a side edge, wherein the chassis is provided with a fixed seat at Four Corners, and an elliptical hole is arranged on the chassis, Electric Baking Pan and the side side is provided with an electrical outlet at one end and a holding part on the other end. The bottom four corners of the conductive heating layer are provided with four fixed parts which match with the fixing seat of the chassis, the middle part of the conductive heating layer is provided with a rectangular bottom groove, Electric Baking Pan and a rectangular bottom groove is provided with two copper plug-ins, and the short side side of the baking disk body is provided with a heating tube matched with a copper plug, wherein the center of the disc cover is provided with a handle. The electric baking plate of the various parts are detachable, can reduce the production of oil, easy to clean the oil of baking pan.

Electric baking plate is a modern popular smokeless non-stick pot barbecue equipment also has multi-purpose uses such as flat plate fried rice, veneer skin, fried steak dumplings use, Electric Baking Pan not limited to barbecue single use, can also be used to do kebab, barbecue and so on. Electric baking pan, the electric baking pan negative enclosure, heating element, heating element frame, socket, thermostat, Electric Baking Pan temperature layer and bottom plate, its characteristics are set in the body of a heating element rack, heating elements installed in the electric heating element frame, in the electric element above set a plate surface coated with non-stick coating tray, in which the electric baking pan with no lampblack, No pollution to the product is popular.

Today's popular barbecue delicious, in the past barbecue at the same time there will be a large number of smoke, it is characterized by the smoke of the commercial development of the level of hierarchy, Electric Baking Pan has been unable to meet. Slowly developed this smokeless electric baking tray, Electric Baking Pan it is the biggest feature of this is smokeless non-stick, it can not adhere to the characteristics of smoke and its unique features can be done flat dish fried rice can meet the barbecue at the same time also cooking, electric baking plate slowly also by more young white-collar and beauty of the housewives are favored.

function Introduction

1. Intelligent temperature control automatic heat preservation function: can maintain the food temperature, also protects the product to prevent excessive dry burning

2. function characteristic electric baking pan it has the function of smokeless BBQ, also can fry, fry, branding

3. Non-smoking non-stick electric baking tray is coated with non-stick coating of the pallet it does not adhere to the characteristics of smokeless, and suitable for commercial use and home

If the purchase of electric baking plate to choose Korean-style electric baking plate Oh, is now very popular, and more features, plus good quality. I also bought one, Electric Baking Pan selected is the Korean electric baking dish, has been used for 3 years, the quality is really good oh, I think the main or depends on its core heating tube, so, want to know where to see is from the heating tube, Electric Baking Pan a search on the Internet, the original is called Zhongshan US hardware electrical company out, Further understanding of the original beauty of the United States do the electric baking plate heating tube are exported to South Korea, so, this under more confidence. Electric Baking Pan With electric baking plate, it is very convenient and easy to use, a large and small eat very happy, relatives and friends to visit also used.