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Electric Baking Tray With Automatic Insulation Function
Oct 17, 2017

Today's popular barbecue delicious, in the past barbecue at the same time there will be a large number of smoke, it is characterized by the smoke of the commercial development of the level of hierarchy, has been unable to meet. Slowly develop the electric grill Plate, it is the biggest feature of this is smokeless non-stick, it can not adhere to the characteristics of smokeless smoke and its unique features can be done flat pan fried rice can meet the barbecue at the same time also cooking, electric baking plate slowly has also been favored by more young white-collar workers and beauty-loving housewives.

Electric baking tray is a modern popular smokeless non-stick pot barbecue equipment also has multi-purpose uses such as flat plate fried rice, veneer skin, Electric Baking Pan fried steak dumplings use, not limited to barbecue single use, can also be used for mutton kebabs, barbecue and so on. Electric baking pan, the electric baking disc is a negative enclosure, electric heating element, electric heating element frame, socket, thermostat, Electric Baking Pan temperature layer and bottom plate, which is characterized in setting a

Electric heating element frame, electric heating element is installed on the electric heating element frame, and the top of the electric heating element is provided with a plate surface coated with non-stick coating, Electric Baking Pan wherein the electric baking pan is without lampblack and the product is not polluted Popular.

1. Intelligent temperature control: Automatic Heat preservation function: can maintain food temperature, and also protect the product to prevent excessive dry burning

2. Functional characteristics: Electric baking pan It has a smoke-free barbecue function can also fry, fry, branding function

3. Non-smoking Non-stick: Electric baking pan is a surface coated with non-stick coating of the pallet it does not adhere to the characteristics of smokeless, Electric Baking Pan and suitable for commercial use of home

The use of electric baking disc, cleaning precautions?

In use

1: This product belongs to a person guarding apparatus. When heating, it is strictly forbidden to touch the bottom of the pot with your hands to avoid scalding. Electric Baking Pan Do not let children touch.

2: The use of metal can not be used in the flat plate to stir fry need nylon shovel or bamboo wood can be.

3: The power plug is not allowed to insert a single three-hole socket with grounding protection.

4: The use of power must be consistent with the technical specifications of our factory.

5: In order to ensure the safety of products and life, Electric Baking Pan this product is equipped with the protection of temperature limiting device (thermostat), when using overheating over-temperature will automatically cut off the power supply, when the temperature in the pot to the operating temperature automatically, refers to The light is on and back to normal.

6: The correct place: put on the smooth table or the table case, the attention does not approach the fire source and flammable material.

7: The power switch should not have water conditions.

8: the flat plate inside when there is water in the barbecue oil will splash, Electric Baking Pan please barbecue at the same time pay attention to safety.

9: This product does not use, must cut off the power supply.

When cleaning

1: Electric baking tray in the cleaning when the first unplug the power cord, into the water can be cleaned, the overall body is waterproof design need not worry.

2: Remember not to clean the ball, such as cleaning the first tool cleaning the surface to avoid scratches and non-stick coating.

3: Wash the disk must be dry to save the box.

The electric baking disc comprises a seat body, a baking disk body, a oil-water pan and a plate and a cover, which is characterized in that the seat body comprises a chassis and a side side, wherein the chassis is provided with a fixed seat at Four Corners and an oval hole is arranged on the chassis , the short side end of the side is provided with an electrical outlet, and the other end is provided with a holding part, Electric Baking Pan wherein the four corners of the conductive heating layer are provided with four fixed parts which are matched with the fixing seat of the chassis, and the conductive The middle part of the heating layer is provided with a rectangular bottom groove, and a rectangular bottom groove is provided with two copper plug-ins, and the short side side of the baking disk body is provided with a heating tube which matches the copper plug, and the plate cover The center is equipped with handle. The electric baking plate of the various parts are detachable, can reduce the production of oil, easy to clean the oil of baking pan.

The structure of the electric baking tray is improved, including baking plate, base and the buckle with the base of baking plate, the bottom surface of the baking pan is provided with an electrothermal coating layer, and the electric heating coating layer is electrically connected with the electric film.

The base is provided with an electrode at the relative position of the baking pan electrode, and the electrode is connected with an external power supply, which is arranged on the second side of the base and has a card part for holding the baking pan and will be used for baking the tray Under pressure of the press department, through the combination of the fastening plate and the base, so that the baking tray and the base of the electrode electrical contact and lead to the power supply, and the separation of the baking tray can be electric heating coating layer for heat, Electric Baking Pan so that electric The baking tray at the top of the coating layer is heated by heating, and the baking tray is separated from the base and is easy to clean the baking pan.