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Electric Oven Has An Automatic Thermostat Control Device
Oct 26, 2017

The electric oven is used for curing the ink and drying the paint film. Widely used in electronics, communications, electroplating, plastics, printing, spraying, glass, ceramics, ELECTRIC GRILL wood and other precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, stereotypes, processing and so on.

Main features of electric ovens

1, PID automatic Intelligent control heating power supply mode;

2, oven stainless steel inner cavity, ELECTRIC GRILL stainless steel circulating wind wheel, make the oven indoor cleaner;

3, electric oven indoor temperature uniformity ±1℃ (8 point test);

4, Timer, timer function (the use of the switch should be opened);

5, set Over-temperature to prevent the setting temperature is about 20-250 ℃ range than the operating temperature.

The characteristic of the electric oven is the structure of the tube single, easy to use and maintenance. Because of the automatic thermostat, automatic timing and selection of the upper and lower heating control devices, so baking quality and stability, baked food color flavor is good. ELECTRIC GRILL It is clean and hygienic and does not pollute the environment much better than the oven, which is the emblem of coal, gas or liquefied petroleum gas.

1 The structure and principle of the electric oven

The electric oven has the non automatic control ordinary type, the constant temperature type, the electronic automatic control type, the far infra-red electricity oven and the toaster and so on. The electric oven consists of the box (casing, inner cavity, door door), heater, control device (thermostat, timer, switching switch, etc.), electrical wiring and stove accessories (baking plate, baking net, handle fork) and other components.

The box of the electric oven consists of a shell, an inner cavity and a furnace door. The enclosure and the inner cavity are generally air interlayer, which is to improve the insulation effect. Some are filled with aluminum silicate fiber mats or other insulating materials in the middle to get better insulation effect. ELECTRIC GRILL A removable movable cover plate is arranged on the side of the electric oven. Inside the cover is the control room where the electrical controls are installed. In this way, the removal of the cover plate to facilitate the maintenance of electrical components and controllers. The inner cavity of the electric oven is treated with chromium plating. ELECTRIC GRILL High reflectivity of the coating can radiate part of the heater to the baked food and baking pan. The oven has a baking rack on both sides of the inner cavity, which is used for baking pan or baking net, and the baking frame has 3-4 floors, each layer has different baking effect.

The oven door is provided with a pull spring structure, ELECTRIC GRILL which can open and close freely. The furnace door is equipped with heat-resisting glass window, which can observe the baking heat of the food in the box at any time. The door and furnace body between the appropriate gap, baking process evaporation of water can be in a timely manner through the gap out of the furnace.

(2) Heater

The heater of the electric oven is generally divided into two parts. Part is mounted on the upper portion of the inner cavity, called the upper heater, and the other part is installed in the lower portion of the inner cavity, called the lower heater. The heater is composed of tubular electrothermal elements or white quartz glass heating tubes. Tubular Electric heating elements of the shell is generally made of stainless steel, ELECTRIC GRILL the tube is equipped with spiral-shaped electric wire. The tube shell and the electric filament are filled with good thermal conductivity but not conductive magnesia powder. The shell surface has far-infrared coating, the coating can make the electric oven increase baking efficiency 20,130%. ELECTRIC GRILL Quartz glass heating tube is in the milky quartz glass tube loaded with a stent of spiral electric wire made of. The heater generally has two quartz glass tubes. The two ends are supported by a ceramic tube seat, one end of which is connected, and the other end is respectively made into a power terminal, ELECTRIC GRILL and the quartz glass heating tube has the advantages of small heat capacity, fast heating and high thermal efficiency.

(3) Electrical control device

The electric control device has a switching switch, a thermostat and an automatic timer. The switching switch is used to control the electric circulation and break of the heater. ELECTRIC GRILL The general switching switch has four files. Thermostat is usually made of bimetallic sheets. When the electric oven is working, the heat is passed to the bimetal sheet by the aluminum plate bracket which is installed in the inner cavity of the oven, ELECTRIC GRILL and the bimetal sheet is deformed and curved after being heated. When the temperature of the oven reaches the predetermined value, the bending of the bimetallic sheet will be separated from the fixed contact point and cut off the power supply. When the furnace temperature drops, the bimetal film also gradually stretched back to the predetermined position and the power supply, electric oven again work, temperature recovery. Thermostat preset temperature values are generally marked on the digital signage around the knob, usually divided into 5 or 7 stalls, the most low-grade 100c, the most high-end for 250c, timers using clockwork, the main part is a concave wheel. When using, turn the timer knob to tighten the timing clockwork, the concave wheel outer ring resists the switch lever, the contact closes the electricity, the timer and the heat device begin to work simultaneously. By the action of a dry spring, forcing the concave wheel to rotate counterclockwise. ELECTRIC GRILL When the timer is scheduled to end, the knob turns to "off" position, the lever fulcrum falls into the concave round of the Kang. Contact separation, power off source, electric oven stop work

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