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Electric Oven Maintenance Tips
Jul 14, 2017

Maintenance of the oven can not only maintain the best taste of baked goods, but also greatly extend the life of the oven, then how to properly clean the oven?

Today, Xiaobian and we share the maintenance of electric oven skills, let us see what it is

Electric oven use articles

1, before going to smell

Wipe the inside of the oven with a soft damp cloth soaked in the detergent, wait for the full oven to open the oven door half open and then open the fire, ELECTRIC GRILL the temperature transferred to the oven maximum temperature empty bake 5 minutes, then can be used normally.

In the electric oven baked food, the electric oven should be placed on the level of the use of insulated desktop, a smooth insulation of the plane, the surrounding should be set aside enough space to ensure that the surface of the oven to other items at least 250px distance, ELECTRIC GRILL The top of the oven can not hold any items.

2, electric oven preheating

When baking goods in a commercial oven, ELECTRIC GRILL be sure to warm up the oven, so that the purpose of the baked out of the food can be more delicious, on the one hand is also conducive to the maintenance of electric oven. Under normal circumstances, the electric oven can be preheated 5-10 minutes to warm up to the minimum temperature of 160 ℃.

3, the amount of water to add baking pan

Usually in the use of electric oven baked food, the high temperature will take away part of the water in food, then it is best to add a little water in the baking pan, ELECTRIC GRILL in order to avoid baked out of food too dry, too hard to better save the food Of the nutrients, may be appropriate to add some water to the baking pan.

4, baking the cake when the temperature control

When the cake is baked, the larger the cake is, the lower the temperature required for baking, the longer the baking time; the smaller the size of the cake, the higher the temperature required for baking, and the shorter the baking time.

Electric oven cleaning articles

1, each time after the use of electric oven, be sure to do a clean job in a timely manner. Otherwise, the fumes accumulate very thick and then clean, not only difficult to remove, but also affect the baking effect. Before cleaning the oven, please unplug the plug and wait for the oven to cool before proceeding.

2, the general use of neutral cleaning agent, including grill and baking pan, including all the accessories.

3, in the clean, do not use sharp cleaning tools, so as not to damage the baking pan non-stick coating.

4, in addition to the internal cleaning work to do a good job, ELECTRIC GRILL the outside of the oven should also be soaked with a soft cloth to clean the door to clean the door.

5, in the clean, electric oven heating tube also need regular cleaning, in particular, when the heating tube above the contaminated oil, it is best to use a soft wet cloth scrub clean. To avoid the use of the process in the future, the heating tube will be due to heating and exudes a smell.