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Features And Advantages Of Stainless Steel Pressing
Mar 29, 2017

Many unique values are made of stainless steel made of a strong candidate material selection. Engineers and designers often underestimate the specifier or ignore these values because of what is considered to be the higher initial cost of stainless steel. However, in the life of a project, stainless steel is often the best value choice.

The benefits of stainless steel

Corrosion resistance, stainless steel pressed baking pan can be used very well

Low alloy grades are resistant to corrosion in the atmosphere and in the water environment, while high alloy grades can corrode the most resistant to acid, alkaline solutions and chlorine-containing environmental characteristics.

Fire and thermal resistance

Special high chromium and nickel alloy grades with anti-scaling and high temperature strength retention.


The bright, easy-to-maintain stainless steel surface provides a modern look.

Strength and weight advantage

Austenitic grades of work hardening properties, resulting in significant reinforcement of cold work sheets, and high strength duplex levels, allow the material to reduce the thickness of the material compared to the traditional level.