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Heat Resistance Of Baking Pan
Jul 26, 2017

The baking tray can make cakes, breads, kebabs, seafood and so on. Baked nets, baked things relatively little, but I often use a bowl to put an egg in, and then used to roast eggs to eat, very delicious oh. Ha。 Generally if it is fermented, will put a container, then with a baking net, the heat will be more evenly.

Speaking of baking pan, many people will think of ring baking plate, spring baking plate, silicone baking pan, pleated baking tray, tinned baking tray and so on, Grill Pan the variety of cake baking tray, function also vary, so many baking beginners very easy to use the wrong baking plate. In the previous article, Xiao Bian once introduced the different shape of the use of baking disc, here again to introduce how to select different material baking tray.

Silicone vs Metal

Different material baking plate has different thermal conductivity, baking plate material in the cake heat conduction process plays a vital role.

Normally, we usually use a metal baking tray, but the silicone baking pan is also a good choice. The silicone baking pan is easy to operate and does not adhere to the dough. Grill Pan But its disadvantage is that heat transfer does not have a metal baking plate good, so the heat is not enough to produce the color of the finished product in baking muffins, if the use of silicone baking tray, cake is very easy to present gray white.

On the contrary, the use of metal baking plate has a good heat transfer, you can bake the edge of the pastry golden yellow. Because the heat can be directly through the baking tray to the pastry, Grill Pan the part of the inner wall of the baking pan can be golden yellow and form crisp skin.

In the dazzling baking pan world, choose a to suit their own baking plate which must pay attention to the point?

First of all to understand the classification of baking tray, more commonly used baking tray can be divided into three categories, aluminum-plated wide strip baking plate, Grill Pan aluminum alloy baking plate, such as honeycomb baking plate. These three are now quite popular in the baking industry and most welcome.

What questions should we be concerned about when choosing a baking tray?

One is the water, this is the first consideration of the problem, baking tray used to hold baked products, Non-stick baking plate is the first. So, when you choose a baking tray, be sure to see if it's off water. A good baking tray is easy to release from the cake or bread, and conversely, will stick to the baking pan, destroying the beauty and integrity of the cake.

The second is the coating property, which is one of the important functions of the auxiliary non-stick baking tray, Grill Pan and the coating material determines its good performance. So in the choice must be eyes, choose to be recognized by the public and thoroughly tempered coating.

Third, heat resistance, this is the characteristics of each baking utensils should have, the pros and cons of the distinction lies in the degree of heat and time will affect it, this is crucial.

In the production practice, the wide strip baking tray in the actual application, with a greater advantage in baking and high-frequency use of baking plate is not easy to produce distortions and deformation, Grill Pan and wide-bar design so that the baking plate stacked with enough strength to support the baking tray, and when stacked too high to tilt and collapse. Generally speaking, wide strip baking tray is more suitable for automatic production line, can eliminate overlapping phenomenon, McDonald's, KFC all use wide strip baking plate.