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High Efficiency Of Electric Oven
Oct 17, 2017

Electric oven is the use of heating elements emitted by the radiant heat baked food of a kitchen appliances, according to the different needs of baked food, the oven temperature adjustable range in 50-250 ℃, electric oven can be Used to process roast duck, bread, pizza, egg tarts, meat, etc. The electric oven uses the temperature control system, ELECTRIC GRILL the whole machine runs stably, the noise is small, ELECTRIC GRILL the operation is simple and convenient, the work efficiency is high, the application scope is wide Make baked chicken, roast duck and other baked food ideal equipment.

Product features of electric ovens:

1, most of the hot air in the box to follow

2, the use of forced ventilation, ELECTRIC GRILL the box is equipped with adjustable split-wind plate, dry materials evenly.

3, the heat source can be used steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared, choose a wide range.

4, the use of temperature: steam heating 50~140℃, up to 150 ℃.

5, electricity, ELECTRIC GRILL far infrared temperature 50~300℃.

6. The noise of the whole machine is small and running smoothly.

7, wide range of application, temperature control, ELECTRIC GRILL installation and maintenance convenience.

8, the electric oven material has carbon steel, aluminum plate and stainless steel three kinds.

How to operate the electric oven:

1, will be prepared to bake the food to put the person has been used cooking oil coated baking pan.

2. Plug in the power supply.

3, the conversion switch to full load, that is, up and down heating at the same time power, and the thermostat to the desired temperature position. ELECTRIC GRILL After a certain period of time, the LED is off, indicating that the oven has reached preheating Temperature。

4. Use the handle fork to put the baking pan which has been placed in the oven for baking food.

5, the need for automatic timing control, the timer will be screwed to the scheduled baking time; If you do not need automatic timing control, ELECTRIC GRILL the timer will be screwed to the "long connect" position.

6, the baking process should be at any time to observe whether the food parts are evenly heated, when necessary with a fork to turn the baking pan direction.

7, when the roast to arrive at the scheduled time, the conversion switch, ELECTRIC GRILL thermostat back "off" position, unplug the power plug, remove the food, to be cooled after the oven, the furnace chamber, Shanghai door and accessories wipe thousands Net。