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Home Electric Stove Has Broad Market Prospect
Sep 29, 2017

Household electric stove is a convenient, hygienic electric appliances, according to the power of electric furnace can be divided into 300W, 500W, 800W, 1000w and many other. The maximum temperature can be reached 1400℃.

Household electric furnaces include shells, it is characterized in that the shell body is provided with an infra-red CD-ROM, and a controller is arranged in the shell, wherein the heating tube and the support frame are provided in the infra-red optical disc, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL and the heating pipe is arranged on the support frame and the end of the heating pipe is connected with the controller. Its advantages are: 1. The use of single tube winding structure, so that the power of small electric furnace, through the infrared CD-ROM, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL the thermal efficiency can be achieved very high, so that the heat effectively concentrated in the bottom of the pot, to avoid heat distribution, thus saving power; 2. The resistance wire is arranged in the heating tube, and has the thermal insulation material protection, makes the resistance wire not easy to oxidize, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL increases the service life of the electric stove; 3. Heating tubes and supports for infrared discs The frame can be removed to facilitate the cleaning of infrared discs; 4. Simple structure, easy to manufacture, with broad market prospects.

Household electric furnace stove upper part of more than two parallel groove, groove placed into the electric wire in the infrared radiation material tube, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL the furnace stage under the hole, stove fixed in the metal frame, the metal frame through the support column and the chassis connected and fixed. The utility model adopts a new electric furnace structure and material, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL which can convert the heat produced by the electrothermal wire into infrared radiation and then transfer it to the heated object, improve the heat conversion efficiency and thermal permeability, heating elements and heated objects can be directly contacted, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL therefore can be used for heating, but also for infrared baking, heating, physiotherapy, And can ignite honeycomb in a few minutes.