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Home Electric Stove Makes Operators More Comfortable
Oct 26, 2017

4 main features of home electric Furnace:

1, the integration of the combustion configuration system

The steam boiler and burner as a whole to design, this according to the boiler characteristics tailored design, so that the boiler combustion system to achieve the best ratio, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL energy-saving and environmental protection technology organic combination.

2. Advanced Automatic control function

Automatic microcomputer control, integrated automatic pressure control, flame detection, water shortage protection, automatic alarm and other intelligent controls, fool-type one-button control, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL just a press can enter the automatic operation of the state, all safety protection devices have begun to work, no need for personnel on duty, so that operators more peace of mind, worry.

3. Structural design of safety science

Equipped with a safety valve, pressure controller, water level control protector and other multiple chain protection devices, absolutely safe and reliable, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL the use of fin-type pipe tubular furnace structure, effectively compensate for thermal expansion, prevent the growth and contraction of stress, make the boiler structure safe and reliable, prolong the service life.

4. High quality and fast steam

Small water volume large steam cellar unique design, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL you can get steam in the shortest possible time, built-in soda separation device to ensure cadres quality steam.

Home stoves can be used for home heating: family members, friends and relatives can sit around a larger electric fire box to keep warm, both comfortable and warm, and conducive to family communication, enjoyable; Friends Reunion Entertainment or * room used for playing cards, Mahjong; personal work learning and entertainment: individuals at home, offices, dormitories, shops and other places online entertainment , study, work, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL you can use a smaller, warm and comfortable. Safety and health.