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Home Furnace Market Prospects
Jun 05, 2017

Household electric stove as a new kitchen stove, breaking the traditional open flame cooking method using magnetic field induced current (also known as eddy current) heating principle, through the electronic circuit board components produce alternating magnetic field. Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL When the furnace surface is placed at the bottom of the iron-containing pot, the pot is cutting the alternating magnetic field lines and generating alternating current (ie, eddy current) at the bottom metal part of the pan. The eddy current causes the iron atoms of the pot to move at high speed, Collision, friction and produce heat (so: Induction Cooker cooking heat from the bottom of the pot instead of the induction cooker itself heat conduction to the pot, so the thermal efficiency than all the efficiency of cooking utensils are nearly 1 times higher) so that the device itself high-speed fever , Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL Used to heat and cooking food, so as to achieve the purpose of cooking.

Household furnaces have the advantages of fast heating, high thermal efficiency, no open flame, no smoke, no harmful gases, no heat radiation to the surrounding environment, small size, good safety and beautiful appearance, etc., to complete the majority of the family cooking tasks. Therefore, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL in some countries where the induction cooker is more popular, people are hailed as "the god of cooking" and "green stoves".

The household electric furnace includes a housing, characterized in that an infrared retroreflective disc is provided on the housing, and a controller is provided in the housing, and the infrared reflecting disc is provided with a heating pipe and a supporting frame, And one end of said heat pipe is connected to the controller. The advantages are: 1. The use of single-tube coiled structure, the electric furnace power, Home Use ELECTRIC GRILL through the infrared reflector, thermal efficiency can be achieved high, so that the heat effectively concentrated in the bottom of the pot to avoid heat dissipation, thus saving power; Set in the heating tube, and the thermal insulation material protection, so that the resistance wire is not easy to oxidize, increasing the life of the furnace; 3. placed in the infrared reflector plate heating tube and support frame can be removed, easy to clean the infrared light Health; 4. Simple structure, easy to manufacture, the specific broad market prospects.