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How To Use The Baking Pan
Aug 08, 2017

Speaking of the baking pan, many people will think of the ring baking pan, spring baking pan, silicone baking pan, rinse baking pan, tinned baking pan and so on, the variety of cake baking pan, the function is also different, so many baking Beginners are easy to use the wrong baking pan. In the previous article, Xiao Bian had introduced the use of different shapes of baking pan, here to tell you how to choose a different material baking pan.

Silicone VS Metal

Different materials of the baking pan has a different thermal conductivity, Grill Pan the material of the baking tray in the heat conduction process plays a vital role.

Often, we usually use metal baking pan, but silicone baking pan is also a good choice. Silicone baking pan is easy to operate and does not stick with dough. But its drawback is that the heat transfer is not good metal baking pan, so the heat caused by the finished product color so baking muffin, Grill Pan if the use of silicone baking pan, the cake is easy to show gray.

On the contrary, the use of metal baking pan has a good heat transfer, you can bake the edge of the pastry roasted into golden yellow. As the heat can be directly through the baking table acting on the pastry, near the wall of the wall can be part of the golden yellow and the formation of crisp skin.

There are many ways to use the baking pan, Grill Pan the following and friends to share the basis of the use of baking pan!

usage instructions

1. The first use of non-stick baking pan, before use, rinse with water and dry, and then into the oven, with 200 degrees empty bake 10 minutes, remove and cool to room temperature, with a soft cloth can be used to dry. : Every time you use non-stick mold are coated with edible oil, Grill Pan you can maximize the play of its non-stick, to extend the coating use time.

2. Non-stick coating work in a long time at high temperatures, the pores will expand, suddenly cooled immediately after the tightening, huh, huh and human skin, will make the residue hidden in the pores do not come out, erosion does not stick coating, Layer to promote non-stick. Grill Pan Recommended baking temperature below 240 degrees, more to extend the service life; to avoid uneven heating, baking temperature can not exceed 290 degrees can not be empty burning.

3. Do not put baked or baked goods for a long time in the non-stick mold, because of its accumulation in the food temperature, sugar and oil formed by the corrosion of corrosion and oxidation of the coating at the bottom of the metal material.

4. Do not dip the pan after use to wait for the temperature slightly lower, Grill Pan and then washed with water, can not immediately wash with cold water. Do not use acidic detergent cleaning, encountered stubborn stains, with a sponge or soft cloth cleaning. Cut rough cloth or wire Ball, metal shovels.

5. As far as possible to avoid a strong collision, Grill Pan friction and damage to the coating, scratches. Light to put, it is best to avoid accumulation, not rubbing the coating.

6. Hardness of the hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance is better than the anode treatment, the surface was gray and black, Naisuan Jian, super hardness, easy maintenance and cleaning. Surface 50% from the water, that is not Especially for the production of cake mold and pizza model, the number of times up to more than 20,000 times.

7. The first use of dural mold, open before the water wash, Grill Pan 150 degrees after drying, wipe the surface with a small amount of grease.

8. After use with warm water to wash and keep dry, do not directly with the flame heating, or baking temperature of more than 280 degrees.