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How To Use The Oven
Jun 19, 2017

Before baking food, food is at room temperature, and usually when the temperature is baked in more than one hundred degrees or even two hundred degrees, if not preheating, directly into the food oven, food and other food from The room temperature is gradually heated to the set temperature. If the preheating is carried out, the food will go directly from the room temperature to the set baking temperature. Both of these practices will have a different effect on the change in the internal arrangement of the food during baking. For example, ELECTRIC GRILL if the cake is not preheated, its final taste is certainly not as good as preheating the baked cake.

How to warm up the oven

Electric oven preheating method

1, plug in the oven power supply.

2, open the oven control switch.

3, see whether the temperature control light is lit, lit that the power has been turned on and start heating.

4, wait for ten minutes or so.

Electric oven preheating method

5, check whether the power light is off, ELECTRIC GRILL off that has reached the temperature you want to control.

6, into the food to be baked.

The orientation of the grill of the oven is another big key. Before using the oven, adjust the position of the grill according to the instructions in the recipe. For example, if the oven is divided into upper, middle and lower layers, the baked bread on the upper oven of the oven will bake brown when the temperature rises, and may even bake.

Now most of the oven on the market for the warm-up time is 10 minutes, but may also be different because of the different oven models required warm-up time will be different. If your home oven model volume is 1.5L or 2L, then your home oven oven warm-up time is 10 to 12 minutes or so, ELECTRIC GRILL if your home oven model capacity is 3L, then your home oven The hot time is about 15 minutes, because the electric oven will be with the larger volume, and the heating speed will be relatively slow, then warm up the time with a little longer.

What is the warm-up time for an electric oven in the home? In the past, everyone can not know exactly what, but now the electric oven is very intimate and very user-friendly, so it provides the most accurate electric oven warm-up time. Now on the market every electric oven body will have a light design, the role of this indicator is for you to accurately reflect the electric oven required warm-up time.

For example, when your home oven is in the preheating, then you have the electric oven on the indicator light as a standard, if your home appliance oven lights on the light is on the state, ELECTRIC GRILL then prove your home The oven is still warm up, and vice versa if your home oven oven lights on the body, then it means that your home oven has been to the required warm-up time, you can rest assured that use.