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Infrared Grill Technology Development
Jul 04, 2017

With the summer approaching, the weather outdoor barbecue lovers is a great opportunity to enjoy a good barbecue in the backyard. The infrared grill barbecue is a new concept that is increasingly popular with charcoal grills and natural gas types. The infrared grill was originally found to have a large steak and scorched traces at large commercial connections. This technology has been provided for commercial users of infrared barbecue.

The traditional barbecue method barbecue food flavor is unique, but there are more drawbacks. Integrated Infrared Grill The infrared grill is an emerging grill technology. In this study, a portable infrared barbecue machine was developed using an infrared burner as a heating source. Barbecue machine mainly by the liquefied gas tank, pressure regulating valve, Y type 3-way valve, infrared burner, grill, Integrated Infrared Grill fire plate and bracket and other components. Infrared barbecue machine barbecue time is short, simple operation, smoke and no pollution. The test results show that barbecue grill food is similar to the traditional method of barbecue food flavor.

Several meals are at home, more than a perfect juicy steak steakhouse is more difficult to reproduce. Meat with seasonings, meat slabs heated for a few minutes on both sides, although it seems to be a simple operation, the consumer device traditionally lacks an important feature: an infrared fired calorie cooking surface that can be so intense, Integrated Infrared Grill The process is only a few minutes away.

But not such a high-end technology to spend a lot of money, the cost of the infrared grill is usually as high as several thousand dollars each - until 2000, this time, the working time limit the key patent in the backyard oven favor.

The evolution of the infrared grill began in 1961, when Bill Best was the founder of the thermal engineering company, the first infrared burner patent. It is used for industrial applications, Integrated Infrared Grill including tire manufacturing and giant oven systems, for quick drying of automotive paint. The best, backyard grill and permanent inventor, in the early 1980s, added a ceramic infrared burner, barbecued for personal use, cooking process found a speed away from the fast cooked food juicy The

While the technology was used for commercial use steak and other restaurants soon adapted, it was a costly luxury, most family cooks until the best patent expired in 2000. The manufacturer, including the best of its own company, then began to introduce a new generation of affordable, natural gas and electric infrared equipment designed to attract backyard chefs.

In 2010 alone, more than 150,000 of the equipment was shipped to North American retailers, most of which were gas equipment, including infrared gas equipment. Overall, Integrated Infrared Grill infrared cooking techniques have become increasingly easy in both full-size devices as well as an optional standard gas burner device. A survey conducted by the 2010 Consumer Reports showed that 63 percent of people use infrared barbecue to access technology on a regular basis.