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Infrared Grills Are Getting More Popular
Jul 14, 2017

A few meals are at home, more difficult to replicate than a perfect juicy, upscale steakhouse. Meat and seasonings, the slabs of meat heated for several minutes on both sides, although it seems to be a simple operation, the consumer device is traditionally missing an important feature: an infrared-emitting heat of the cooking surface that can be so intense in completing the cooking process only a few minutes.

But not this high-end technology costs a large price, Integrated Infrared Grill and the infrared grill cost usually up to $ thousands of per set-until 2000, when the key patent for working time limits is favored in backyard ovens.

The evolution of the IR Grill began in 1961, and the Infrared grill was used in industrial applications, including tyre manufacturing and giant oven systems for rapid drying of automotive paints. The best, backyard grill and permanent inventor, in the early 1980s, added a ceramic infrared burner to the grill molded for his personal use, Integrated Infrared Grill and the cooking process found an acceleration of leaving the fast-cooked food juicy.

While the technology used for commercial use steak and other restaurants quickly adapted, it was a costly luxury, most home chefs until the best patents expired in 2000. Manufacturers, Integrated Infrared Grill including the best of their own companies, then began to introduce a new generation of affordable, natural gas and electric infra-red equipment designed to attract backyard chefs.

Infrared Grill Features: return temperature, crisp skin baking, barbecue ideal choice temperature easy to control, on the slide trough adjustable, suitable for different kinds of food cooking stainless steel food Shengpan and grill easy to disassemble and clean electric stove, Top adjustable SE-60 description: Stainless steel material, after polishing treatment top can be adjusted, easy to heat-resistant plastic heat-resisting nickel-Chrome alloy element 6.5MM diameter (2x1.8kw) Accessories can be dismantled, Easy to clean and maintain two-gear temperature control with grease collecting tray bottom with rubber supporting parts cooking area: 600x350mm power: 3.6kw Size: 600x450x500

The Infrared Grill Grill is a new concept that is becoming more and more popular with charcoal grills and natural gas types. The infrared grill initially found traces of a bull's row and scorch at a large commercial junction. Integrated Infrared Grill The technology of infrared barbecue has been provided for users of commercial organizations.

IR Grill design in such a way that it maximizes efficiency results in cooking when cooking is quicker and takes less time. Infrared technology uses tiles or stainless steel plates. They are directly heated and the food is placed on the plate. This cooking method is direct contact with the heat source.