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IR Grill Energy Saving Power
Jul 26, 2017

Infrared Grill Product Features:

1. Four digital, imported black crystal plate, high temperature resistant shell;

2. Power: 200-2000w, ad hoc 110-280v ultra-wideband voltage;

3. Ad hoc functional power, voltage inquiry function, appointment timing;

4. The ad hoc soft start function, Integrated Infrared Grill the service life is ultra long;

5. Fry, fry, steam, brush, fry, cook, stew, stew, barbecue, master everything

6. Not limited by the pot (wok, ceramic, crock, high-temperature glass utensils can be heated)

7. Super strong hot and cold impact, scratch-resistant, lasting brightness

8. Far Infrared promotes human circulation and metabolism

9. Infrared Grill high-power electric ceramic ZH-198 barbecue, Integrated Infrared Grill pan-fried far infrared radiation-free

The selection of infrared grill

1. First, before buying an IR grill, we should consider the place and scene of our own use, because the different products have its unique features, so in different scenarios will have the same effect, in general, infrared Grill is used at home, if you want to take to outdoor operations so it is necessary to consider one more aspect.

2. Nowadays, electric baking has become a very popular barbecue way, Integrated Infrared Grill food will not directly contact the heat source, but also to ensure food health and nutrition, then the common infrared grill has a heating type grill, infra-red infrared grill, heating tube-type products are less calorific, and heating is not uniform, baking time is relatively long, and infrared products are relatively good, not only heat evenly, Integrated Infrared Grill but also large firepower, energy saving power.

3. Infrared grill is a very useful product, because it can be used at home, local materials, and completely without regard to nutrition and pollution problems, baked out are healthy food, and there is no lampblack, generally speaking, we can take it to the outdoors for dinner, so you must buy a convenient to carry the product, preferably have a landing frame, so as to more convenient for outdoor use.

Infrared Grill in People's daily life may not see too much, but it is a lot of young people love the product, after all, their own barbecue to eat is very interesting thing, Integrated Infrared Grill then the infrared grill is very important to buy the steps, must be a good choice, whether it is brand or other aspects, good products can have good use effect.