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Modern Drying Parts Factory Products In The Process Of Drying The Food Process
Mar 29, 2017

The drying of food is a more complicated heat transfer and mass transfer process. According to the characteristics of moisture content of food, commonly used more economical drying method to remove the product easily evaporate moisture, such as product surface and capillary free water; and then use a slightly higher energy consumption method to remove more difficult to evaporate moisture, such as Combined with the product of water in the adsorption of water (or internal moisture). The Changzhou Guangzhong Dry Machinery Parts Factory mainly produces products widely used in medicine, chemicals, dyes, electroplating, food and other industries, can effectively and quickly remove the food is moisture, work faster and higher, the product quality can be very good The protection.

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Commonly used drying methods are spray drying, infrared drying, high frequency drying, microwave drying, boiling drying and freeze sublimation drying. In order to meet the process requirements of food drying process, food drying equipment selection to consider the economic effects, energy consumption and easy operation and safe production.