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Oven Drying DC Motor Should Pay Attention To What Matters
Mar 29, 2017

(1) the temperature inside the drying room should be manually or automatically adjusted.

(2) baking, should be strictly controlled according to the requirements of baking temperature and time.

(3) the location of the motor in the drying room should be far from the hot air imports, so as to avoid the high temperature of the inlet, so that the insulation of the winding insulation.

(4) heaters such as resistance wire can not be exposed to the oven, because the impregnated paint and thinner are easy to burn.

(5) oven should be equipped with a blowing device, can make the hot room in the drying room, the temperature is uniform.

The following are the same as the "

The oven is an important equipment for heating and insulation. Changzhou Guangzhong dry machinery parts factory production of the oven generally require fast heating, temperature uniformity, good drying performance, control sensitive and accurate, less energy consumption, safe and reliable, easy operation and maintenance.