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The Baking Pan Has A Good Heat Transfer Property
Sep 20, 2017

The baking tray, which is commonly used in bakery operations, is reused many times each day, so it needs to be carefully selected when choosing the baking tool-baking tray.

The baking pan has a good heat transfer, baking the edge of the pastry to a golden yellow. Because the heat can be directly through the baking tray to the pastry, Grill Pan the part of the inner wall of the baking pan can be golden yellow and form crisp skin.

Now the baking tray is no longer the proper term for the traditional baking tray, it is also a barbecue plate, toast and so on toast. Here, say the barbecue plate, in which the baking pan is particularly broad and acceptable. It allows you to eat delicious barbecue, but also very healthy. Grill Pan Baking plate surface has a medical coating, Non-stick, non-toxic, the meat directly on the baking plate baked on the line, after cooked, dip sauce, with lettuce, cabbage wrapped to eat, but also fragrant and not greasy.

How to choose the baking pan

Water is the first consideration of the problem, baking plate used to hold baked goods, Non-stick baking plate is the first, so when you go to select a baking tray must see if it is not good water. Good water from the baking tray in the cake may be the bread stripping when the contrast is simple, on the contrary, Grill Pan will stick baking tray, damage the beauty and integrity of the cake. Coating is also assisted non-stick baking tray, one of the main functions, coating the raw material resolution of its good function, so in the selection must be eyes, Grill Pan selected by the masses recognized and vicissitudes of the coating. Heat resistance is the characteristics of each baking utensils should have, the difference between the good and bad depends on the degree of heat and time is not the formation of its impact, this is the main.

There are three kinds of baking plates: iron baking pan, aluminum baking pan, Grill Pan and aluminum baking pan. As a whole, bread use iron baking plate better, usually not deformed, but look at your purchase quality, with baking temperature, usually too high temperature will make the baking plate deformation. Cooled and turned to normal. The cake uses the aluminum baking plate better, but depends on the thickness, Grill Pan usually buys 4-5 to be able. The aluminum baking pan has a thick corner, occupies space, a few occupies a shelf, and the price is very expensive.