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The Baking Tray Has A Rugged Character
Oct 26, 2017

The baking pan became popular, it is easy to operate, stripping fast, but also more durable, the general cake room or food factory customers are more like to use, now there is a bionic baking tray, this baking tray is also selected advanced superconducting heat not dip materials, Grill Pan using the bionic principle, supersonic, Ultra-high pressure spraying technology treatment of the avenue does not touch the effect layer also does not fall off, we look at his characteristics below:

1. Using bionic principle, the lotus leaf is not stained with the biological characteristics of water pollution carefully developed

2. Rapid heat conduction. Uniform heating, Grill Pan energy saving and productivity improvement

3. Reduce the use of oil, reduce costs, reduce fat content

4. Rugged, high quality and low price

5. No toxic substances are produced under high temperature baking

6. Before adding the cake slurry must be evenly brushed oil, and timely injection cake pulp

To prevent the food from sticking to the baking pan, the baking tray surface is coated with a medical stone to protect the baking pan and does not poison the food. Traditional baking plate due to local temperature imbalance, may lead to the baked food burnt paste, barbecue process, such as cumbersome shortcomings, Grill Pan seriously affect the taste of food. In addition, the high cost of cleaning, cleaning time and energy spent is also disturbing. One of the biggest problems the baking tray is usually used for a period of time will lead to a decline in surface gloss and limited service life.

The advantages of baking tray, barbecue to maintain a stable state of high temperature is the common requirements of all barbecue. People on the baking plate is also the pursuit of non-toxic harmless, Grill Pan complete environmental characteristics, baking tray to meet the requirements. Customers want to bake the meat evenly heated, delicious, so the baking plate to maintain the constant temperature is very high. The baking tray is easy to clean and easy to save time. The infrared rays produced by baking discs at high temperatures can eliminate the odor and germs of the meat itself, and the roast meat is good for people's health. The baking tray itself can store a lot of energy, barbecue after 5 minutes to turn off a small fire, Grill Pan energy shortage and expensive situation is really save money and environmental protection, and the temperature of the crystal plate can be maintained at a relatively constant temperature. Mobility is strong, camping, outing only need to bring a small stove, and baking tray can be barbecue. is not simple convenient and affordable. Baking tray appearance "beautiful" because the baking plate is transparent, customers easy to master the heat.