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The Natural Protective Film Of Aluminum Baking Pan Protects Aluminum From Corrosion
Mar 29, 2017

Natural membranes can be imagined to become opposing forces that tend to form a dense barrier and tending to break the dynamic balance between those results. If the destructive force is not present, because in the dry air, the natural film will be formed by the unique barrier, which will quickly form the ultimate thickness. If the destructive power is too strong, the hydration oxide will form it faster and smaller obstacles will continue.

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In the passive range of aluminum corrosion is local, usually the performance of the random formation of the pit. The principle of pitting potential is established in the passive state of the metal subjected to corrosion pitting conditions. In general, aluminum does not produce salting solution for gas solution pitting because the pitting potential in these solutions is quite expensive (the cathode) than the halide solution and it does not polarize, and these solutions are quite noble (cathode) Halide solution is not the normal service of these polarimetric potentials.