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The Oven Can Ferment The Dough
Aug 17, 2017

Electric oven is the use of electric components issued by the radiant heat of the kitchen utensils. Such equipment must be through the CCC / 3C certification (that is, China's mandatory product certification) in order to sell in the Chinese market. With 3C logo is one of the important indicators of consumer choice.

The role of the oven

First, dry food

Melon seeds, biscuits and other food at home after a period of time will become damp, ELECTRIC GRILL not only affect the taste, but also seriously affect the food storage time, ELECTRIC GRILL and home appliances oven can be the resurgence of the food, re-dry into the state just bought, Delicious and healthy.

Second, snack processing diy

Everyone loves food, especially children, especially for snacks. If the home to buy a home oven, then the child can be in which toast, biscuits and other ways to enjoy the delicious snacks. At the same time some of the bakery inside the production of new meals, you can also search online production methods, ELECTRIC GRILL at home their own production, not only health and health is also very interesting.

Three, barbecue

The use of electric ovens at home is not just the production of pastries so simple, if you suddenly want to eat barbecue, the oven can also achieve this blessing, ELECTRIC GRILL as long as the home ready for their own raw materials, put their favorite tastes, into the oven In a while, you can smell the aroma of the smell of barbecue.

Four, fermented dough, do chocolate food

Will need to fermented dough into the oven, ELECTRIC GRILL the temperature will be adjusted to a minimum, you can do a dough as soon as possible. And chocolate is the same reason, after the chocolate can be free to play where to use, do a chocolate cake cake is also believed to be great.