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The Properties Of The Baking Tray Determine Good Performance
Jun 05, 2017

Want to be good at the first thing, in the dazzling array of world, choose a suitable for their own baking pan which have to pay attention to the point?

First of all to understand the classification of baking pan, Grill Pan the more commonly used baking baking pan can be divided into three categories, aluminum wide bar baking pan, aluminum baking pan, honeycomb baking pan and so on. These three are currently popular in the baking industry is quite popular and most popular.

What should we care about when choosing a baking tray?

One is from the water, which is the primary consideration, the baking tray used to hold baked goods, non-stick pan is the first. So, when you go to choose a baking pan, Grill Pan be sure to look at its water is good. A good baking pan of water is easy when stripping a cake or bread, and vice versa, sticking the baking pan and destroying the cake's beauty and integrity.

Second, the coating, the characteristics of auxiliary non-stick pan is one of the important performance, coating the material determines its good performance. So in the choice must be polished eyes, Grill Pan choose to be recognized by the public and tempered coating.

Third, heat resistance, which is every baking device should have the characteristics of its distinction between the merits and demerits is that the degree of heat and the time will have an impact on it, this is essential.

In the production practice, Grill Pan aluminized wide bar baking pan in the practical application, with a greater advantage in the baking and high frequency use of the baking pan is not easy to produce distortion and deformation, and wide design so that when the pan stack Have sufficient strength to support the baking pan, and when the stack is too high when not easy to tilt and collapse. In general, the wide bar is more suitable for automatic production line, you can put an end to the phenomenon of overlap, McDonald's, KFC all use wide bar.

In summary, in the selection process of the baking tray, Grill Pan as long as the attention of the above 3 points will be able to choose a cost-effective and suitable for their own baking pan.

The baking pan is stuck with spices and oil, and the baking of the baking pan is particularly troublesome, but do not worry, add 4 tablespoons of starch to 200ml of water, mix it into the waste pan, and wait until it is completely Hard to transparent, it will be gently stripped, you can easily take the oil on the baking pan.