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The Toaster Can Be Used To Process Roast Duck
Sep 29, 2017

Electric oven is the use of heating elements emitted by the radiant heat baked food of the kitchen appliances, according to the different needs of baked food, the oven temperature adjustable range in 50-250 ℃, electric oven can be used to process roast duck, bread, pizza, egg tarts, meat and so on.

Advantages of electric oven

1. Dry food, we all know, melon seeds, biscuits and other food in the home after a period of time will become moist, not only affect the taste, ELECTRIC GRILL but also seriously affect the storage time of food, and the electric oven can be the resurgence of these foods, dry again into the state we just bought. Delicious and healthy.

2. Snack processing, everyone loves food, especially children, especially sensitive to snacks. If the home purchase has an electric oven, then the child can bake bread, bake biscuits and other ways, ELECTRIC GRILL enjoy the delicious snacks.

3. Fermented dough, make chocolate food will need to ferment the dough into the oven, the temperature adjustment to the lowest, you can do the dough as soon as possible. Chocolate, too, is the same thing, where you can freely use the chocolate after it melts.

4. The oven is mainly composed of box, timer, thermostat, electric heating element and power adjusting switch. The box is composed of 3 layers of inner liner, ELECTRIC GRILL outer casing and middle compartment, and the shell cavity is filled with insulating expanded perlite products, so that the casing temperature is lowered, and the spring is installed under the door, and the sealing strength of three layers inside and outside is ensured.

5. The working principle of the electric oven and the use of the gas stove is similar. The electric oven is hot tube heating to make the oven cavity temperature rise, ELECTRIC GRILL so as to achieve the purpose of heating food, that is, the electric oven is not what long wave, short wave, electromagnetic wave and so on to heat the food; As far as the method to get, bake evenly not zoom, eating electric oven food is harmless Of course, ELECTRIC GRILL it will not be as dangerous as a microwave oven.

Characteristics of the electric oven:

1, most of the hot air in the box to follow

2, the use of forced ventilation, the box is equipped with adjustable split-wind plate, dry materials evenly.

3, the heat source can be used steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared, choose a wide range.

4, the use of temperature: steam heating 50~140℃, up to 150 ℃.

5, electricity, far infrared temperature 50~300℃.

6. The noise of the whole machine is small and running smoothly.

7, wide range of application, temperature control, ELECTRIC GRILL installation and maintenance convenience.

8, the electric oven material has carbon steel, ELECTRIC GRILL aluminum plate and stainless steel three kinds.