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The Use Skill Of The Electric Oven
Jul 26, 2017

Electric oven can be divided into desktop and embedded oven, the style of the electric oven is divided into vertical and horizontal two. Electric ovens regardless of their style or range of applicable, but they have the most basic three keys-function keys, temperature buttons, timing buttons, the use of the electric oven is based on your own electric oven to do the actual operation.

There are many uses of the electric oven, as long as the use of the electric oven skills, I believe in the kitchen to make a meal of their own and friends like the meal is no problem. ELECTRIC GRILL What are the uses of electric ovens, such as:

1, it can make our favorite barbecue or roast duck, etc., as long as we will buy back the ingredients made good, put into the toaster, select the appropriate button, make a good baking time, as long as the time comes, can enjoy the delicious barbecue, no lampblack, the whole kitchen is clean and refreshing.

2, the child's favorite is snacks, a lot of adults are no exception, ELECTRIC GRILL the toaster can also bake pizza, biscuits and bread. If you get up late in the morning, you can bake bread with an electric oven. Baking bread and cookies with an electric oven is a very tasty meal waiting for a short time.

3, in addition, we usually buy back the seeds, biscuits and other food at home for a period of time will be damp, affecting the taste of food, at the same time, the food will be kept short, and the electric oven will be able to solve these problems perfectly, it can be damp food heated, ELECTRIC GRILL the food inside the moisture drying, re-made when we just bought the state, but also to ensure that the taste of food is not lost.

4, the oven also has a use of fermentation, we will need to ferment the dough into the oven after the temperature is lowered, food in the oven will soon ferment. Using this principle, we can also use an electric oven to make chocolate.

How to use the electric oven

After we learned about the use of the toaster, we'll now look at the use of the toaster. When we use the toaster to make food, we should be careful not to let the food touch the heating tube of the electric oven, at the same time also to prevent oil dripping to the heating tube, ELECTRIC GRILL this will affect the efficiency of the use of electric ovens, the best use of aluminum foil in the roast meat wrapped up, not only can prevent oil dripping not easy to clean the electric oven and the baked food surface is scorched. Use the finished oven do not let cold water hit the oven door, to prevent the electric oven glass door burst.

The oven's temperature of 40 degrees Celsius can be used to ferment, 50 degrees Celsius temperature can be the food of water dehydration, the production of dry or jerky, convenient for us to save, after the food drying, to open the oven door slightly to dissipate heat, which is conducive to water evaporation, 60 degrees Celsius can be used to make sausages and bacon.