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There Are Many Kinds Of Baking Material
Jul 04, 2017

Baking pan is high temperature processed porcelain can put the oven, but not the home with the bowl can be, that bowl is porcelain but not processed into the oven immediately fried, safe first. High temperature paper cups Taobao sell. It is not what low-gluten flour can do cake. Carrefour supermarket is dedicated to selling cake powder. But bread flour can not make a cake. Not the same thing, no hair can not be made. Bakeware is IKEA to buy, a variety of sizes, Grill Pan if you buy a proposal in the home size of a good size to buy, or not fit into the oven.

Speaking of the baking pan, many people will think of the ring baking pan, spring baking pan, silicone baking pan, rinse baking pan, tinned baking pan and so on, the variety of baking pan, the function is also different, so many baking early Scholars are easy to use the wrong pan. Grill Pan In the previous article, Xiao Bian had introduced the use of different shapes of baking pan, Grill Pan here to tell you how to pick different materials of the baking pan.

Different materials of the baking pan has a different thermal conductivity, the material of the baking tray in the heat conduction process plays a vital role.

Often, we usually use metal baking pan, but silicone baking pan is also a good choice. Silicone baking pan is easy to operate and does not stick with dough. But its drawback is that the heat transfer is not good metal baking pan, so the heat caused by the finished product color so baking muffin, if the use of silicone baking pan, Grill Pan the cake is easy to show gray.

On the contrary, the use of metal baking pan has a good heat transfer, you can bake the edge of the pastry roasted into golden yellow. As the heat can be directly through the baking table acting on the pastry, near the wall of the wall can be part of the golden yellow and the formation of crisp skin.

Ordinary iron plate or iron frame: I am talking about the kind of Korean barbecue shop, easy to stick, to the store to eat all know, easy to bake paste, carcinogenic. Not easy to clean, this all know.

Stone baking pan: this is actually good, that is, thermal efficiency is too low, too hot, the home is not appropriate, and the microwave can not be used, can only use the fire, inconvenient. Grill Pan Clean up always feel strange, think about the kind of home to use the kind of garlic to know.

Carbon-based graphite baking pan: non-stick, because it is inorganic non-metallic. High thermal efficiency, the basic one minute can be baked. Grease, imagine the activated carbon, the same principle. No pollution, 99% of the carbon content. Easy to clean, water Chong Chong, wiping cloth to get. Wide range of heat, open flame, microwave ovens, can only heat no problem, conductive heat similar to metal. Never rust, Grill Pan non-metallic where it will rust it