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There Are Many Ways To Use The Baking Tray
Sep 29, 2017

Baking plate is resistant to high-temperature processed porcelain can put the oven, but not the home of the food bowl can be, the bowl is porcelain but not processed put into the oven immediately fried, safety first.

There are many ways to use the baking tray, Grill Pan below and friends to share the basics of baking the use of the method!

Methods used

1. First use of baking tray, before the opening with water rinse clean and dry, then put into the oven, with 200 degrees of air bake 10 minutes, remove after cooling to room temperature, with a soft cloth dry can be used. Note: Each time the use of the mold is coated with edible oil, Grill Pan you can maximize its non-stick, prolonged coating use time.

2. Do not touch the coating in the long time high temperature work, the pores will expand, suddenly cooled immediately after the tightening, hehe and human skin, will make the residue hidden in the pores do not come out, erosion of coating, resulting in the coating to promote the sex. Grill Pan It is recommended that the baking temperature be below 240 degrees, and the service life can be prolonged; Baking temperature can not be more than 290 degrees can not be empty burning.

3. Do not bake or to be baked food for a long time in the mold, because of its accumulated in the food of the warm air, sugar and oil formed by the corrosion of corrosion and oxidation of the bottom of the metal coating.

4. After using the baking tray, Grill Pan the temperature should be slightly lower, and then washed with water, can not be immediately washed with cold water. Do not use acidic detergent cleaning, encountered stubborn stains, with a sponge or soft cloth cleaning. Cut with rough emery cloth or steel ball, Grill Pan metal shovel cai cloth cleaning.

5. Avoid strong collisions as far as possible, friction and damage to the coating, scratches. The best way to avoid stacking is to keep the coating on.

6. Hardness of hard film treatment, wear degree, corrosion resistance is better than the anode treatment, the surface is gray-black, acid and alkali, super hardness, easy to maintain and clean. Grill Pan The surface has 50% water-free, it is not a touch. Especially suitable for the production of cake mold and pizza mold, the use of up to 20,000 times.

7. The first time to use a hard film mold, to enable clean water before rinsing, 150 degrees after drying, with a small amount of grease to wipe the surface.

8. Rinse with warm water after use and keep dry, Grill Pan do not directly with flame heating, or baking temperature of more than 280 degrees.