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Vegetable Drying Process Of Stainless Steel Oven Baking Tray Switching
Mar 29, 2017

Different types of vegetables were used different heating methods. There are pre-low temperature, medium-term high temperature, late and low temperature heating mode; a sharp increase in the early temperature, maintained at 70 degrees according to the dry state, gradually cooling the way, there are drying process to maintain 55-60 degrees, a constant level The way of warming up.

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Generally when the relative temperature of the drying room to reach more than 70%, it is necessary to ventilate the wet work. Open the intake window and the drain cylinder. Ventilation and dehumidification method and time is based on the relative temperature of the room and the size of the external wind to decide the size. Generally every ventilation time of 10-15 minutes.

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Switching stainless steel oven baking tray is to make the upper and lower part of the drying room, front and rear, left and right side of the baked raw materials heated evenly, consistent degree of drying. And for the softening of vegetables that are wet, sweating, the purpose is through the dry product inside and outside the water, so that the water content of the various parts of the balance. For packaging and storage. Packaging containers require sealing, pest control, moisture. Can also be used vacuum inflatable packaging method, glucose oxidase in addition to oxygen bags. Low temperature 0-2 degrees, not more than 10-14 degrees, save dry products as well. Relative humidity should be lower, about 30%, for dark preservation. Note that the storage environment clean, rodent control, pest control.