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Which Belong To The Oven Dryer Accessories
Mar 29, 2017

1. Hot air circulation oven baking plate there are many kinds of common oven baking plate are: stainless steel pressed, hand-punching, pressing punching, straight edge, etc., which use the most frequent is a molding press roll Side baking dish. Material can be selected according to the needs of aluminum or stainless steel can be. As for the size, under normal circumstances is 640 × 460 × 45mm, but if the customer needs, many manufacturers can customize the size you want.

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2, the oven is less than the accessories, all products are dry inside the oven to complete.

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3, the fan is mainly to improve the gas pressure inside the oven at the same time discharge the gas, the most used material is stainless steel and aluminum alloy, size size can also be customized according to need.