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Wide Range Of Application Of Electric Oven
Aug 29, 2017

The heating elements used in the electric oven can be divided into three categories: one is the use of a far-infrared tube and a quartz heating tube of the electric oven, it is the lower grade of all the types of electric ovens. However, the basic electric baking function can still be achieved, ELECTRIC GRILL but the baking speed is relatively slow. As a result, it is more suitable for families with a general economic situation and need to buy an electric oven and a single family. The other is the use of two far-infrared tubes and a quartz heating tube of the electric oven, this type of oven is characterized by a faster heating speed. However, compared with the former, ELECTRIC GRILL the price is slightly higher than the average cost of one hundred or two hundred yuan. There is also a class in the annex with an ultraviolet heating tube, bacteria disinfection, a higher degree of hygiene, and heating speed, so the price is more expensive, ELECTRIC GRILL it is suitable for economic conditions of good consumers.

With the progress of science and technology, there is an electric oven, the toaster is the use of electricity to the oven to achieve the role of baked food.

Electric oven is the use of heating elements emitted by the radiant heat baked food a kitchen appliances, according to the different needs of baked food, the temperature adjustable range of electric ovens in 50-250 ℃, ELECTRIC GRILL electric oven can be used to process roast duck, bread, pizza, egg tarts, meat and so on.

Characteristics of electric ovens

1, most of the hot air in the box to follow

2, the use of forced ventilation, the box is equipped with adjustable split-wind plate, dry materials evenly.

3, the heat source can be used steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared, choose a wide range.

4, the use of temperature: steam heating 50~140℃, up to 150 ℃.

5, electricity, far infrared temperature 50~300℃.

6. The noise of the whole machine is small and running smoothly.

7, wide range of application, temperature control, installation and maintenance convenience.

8, the electric oven material has carbon steel, ELECTRIC GRILL aluminum plate and stainless steel three kinds.

Precautions for the use of electric ovens

(1) According to the use of instructions required to operate.

(2) The electric oven should be placed in a flat, stable place, ELECTRIC GRILL and to ensure reliable grounding bolts contact, in order to use 250V, 10A three socket with the power plug to match the use of the process, the windows, sockets should be kept clean.